The Northern Ontario Sustainable Communities Partnership (NOSCP) is an ad hoc group that came together in November 2006 in response to the forest industry crisis in northern Ontario.

Participants are a range of individuals and organizations, including northern municipalities, non-governmental organizations, academics and Aboriginal organizations. NOSCP sees the current crisis in the industry as an opportunity to re-evaluate the structure of the current forest sector in Ontario, especially forest tenures.

In 2007, NOSCP developed a Northern Ontario Community Forest Charter.

The Charter is a reflection of widespread concern across northern Ontario about the future of the region. Its broad principles are meant to provoke a debate and change. The Charter is a call to individuals, communities, government and industry to develop new ways of sustainably managing our northern forests, new ways of licensing access to timber and non-timber resources and new forest product development to benefit northern communities.

2013 Conference: Building Resilient Communities Through
Community-Based Forest Management

January 16-18, 2013, Algoma’s Water Tower Inn, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Thanks to all who participated! Check here for post-conference updates.

Visit the newly created Community Forests Canada website for information about community forestry in Canada, and updates about the newly formed national network.